Body Awareness

Body Awareness

Body Awareness

It is never only the horse that needs help finding mental and physical balance. Being a good trainer for your horse starts with yourself. We want our horse to be relaxed but are you aware of tension in your own body? We want our horses to bend to the left and to the right with equal flexibility, but how is your own flexibility? We want our horses to walk in balance but how is your own posture and walking? We want a true connection with our horse, but do you have a connection with your inner self?

We so often live too much in our head and we have become disconnected from our bodies and our emotions. The connection to our inner self happens through our body and not the mind. Through breathing and body awareness you will become aware of tension in your body and be able to release it, you will find and consciously start using muscles that are made for keeping our body in an upright position (don’t we want ‘self carriage’ from our horses as well) and for moving our body. Once we are connected again to our breathing and our body, we also automatically get in touch with the wisdom of our body and our heart. We can guide the horse with clarity and softness, you can help the horse in his own self carriage while riding, you learn how to open your hip joints so your horse’s back can come up and you can guide your horse in the gymnastic side movements.

Effortless full breathing, awareness of your body, learning to use your inner core muscles and finding relaxation in action will connect you to yourself and to your horse.


Connect to your horse through breathing

Breathing is the key to LIFE! We breathe 20,000-30,000 times per day. It brings oxygen to your organs, it affects your energy level and nervous system and your stress level. Many people hold their breath in fear or anxiety and horses can feel that. Conscious breathing will reduce your anxiety and stress level. In addition, the connection and the level of trust with your horse will improve!

After a clinic with Tom Nagel (Aikido and Zen master), various clinics with Noora Ehqvist and a course with Stig Severinsen (the Academy of Breatheology) I discovered the importance of breathing to connect with myself and to harmonize with my horse.  

I always include breathing and Body Awareness in my workshops.

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