Hosting a clinic in your country?

The Balanced Rider and Horse clinic is a combination of Academic Art of Riding, Body Awareness and Centered Riding.

In the workshop there will be theory, breathing and body awareness exercises followed by practical lessons with your horse, which can be groundwork, longeing, work in hand, riding and liberty work. You will learn to train with a logical and structural system of gymnastic exercises to make your horse fit, supple, strong and flexible to enable your horse to carry you properly. And you will learn how to guide your horse with your seat. You will develop yourself to become the best trainer you can be for your horse!

I give clinics and workshops in Belgium and on location and I would love to come to your country as well! 


A workshop can accommodate 6-8 riders with horse. Spectators are also very welcome. Spectators not only watch the lessons with the horses but they will also join the theory and Body Awareness exercises, so for both riders and non-riders the workshop is interactive and educational. After the workshop you go home with lots of inspiration, practical tips and exercises.

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Academic art of riding

  • Academic Art of Riding brings back the Historical Art of Riding from the masters;
  • The horse must be trained according to its abilities, concerning both body and mind;
  • Thoughtful gymnastic exercises will keep horses healthy and strong;
  • Discover everything about classical Riding.

body awareness

  • Body Awareness, good training of your horse starts with you;
  • Experience the effect of your breathing, body language, posture and energy on your horse;
  • Be aware of your psoas muscle and how it can help you to have an independent seat;
  • Learn how you can open your hips so that your horse can lift its back.

Centered riding

  • Feel the building blocks of an aligned spine in your body;
  • Find your centre and guide your horse from it;
  • Ride with clear intent;
  • Learn to ride with soft eyes.

The basis of every training is that the horse trusts and understands you. By working next to your horse, you get more connection, better communication and willing cooperation. On the second day you can translate this into riding. If necessary I also introduce some exercises from the Masterson method, a way to relax horses at a deep level both mental and physical. Learn how to become a better trainer for your horse. I’m looking forward to meet you and your horse! Of course, there is also time for questions and discussion and you will be inspired by like minded and like hearted people.