Straightness Training based on the Academic Art of Riding

Natural asymmetry.
Every horse is asymmetrical. This natural asymmetry is not a problem for a horse, problems only arise when the riders weight is added. If the rider does not recognize and correct this imbalance, this can lead to tension in muscles and over straining of the front legs. So the rider has to recognize the natural asymmetry and imbalance and help the horse to develop symmetrically in body and limbs. This training is called Straightness Training.

Straightness training is a logical set of structured gymnastic exercises that make the horse, fit, flexible, strong and muscular to enable the horse to carry the rider properly. This can be done in various ways, such as:

  • Ground work;
  • Work on the hand;
  • Lunging;
  • Riding;
  • Liberty work.


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