Harmonious work with horses

I was lucky to be able to spend five days of training with Lucie Klaassen. It has given me a lot of insights into harmonious work with horses. We were able to work with her horses in groundwork, longeing, work in hand, liberty and riding, with the special bonus of also receiving wonderful body awareness training, which helps greatly, as we need to be in balance ourselves in order to get horses into balance. The motto throughout the five days was “less is more”, sometimes we just overwhelm our horses with aids, when all it needs is a little incentive, and time for the horse to respond. With physical and mental exercises to relax body and mind I felt able to let go of previously learnt patterns, and start to feel more. I very much appreciate having had the chance to work with well educated horses, and get an idea for what it feels like to keep aids to a minimum. Now it is time to work with my own horse, a very sensitive mare, and put the valuable lessons into practice. The best thing about training with Lucie – it’s also a lot of fun!

Thank you Lucie Klaassen!

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