Adorable horses Beer and Seni

I spent five days with Lucie and her adorable horses Beer and Seni and I enjoyed every minute of it. First of all it was amazing to feel more advanced excercises like renvers, travers and pirouette in hand for the first time. Now that I know what it feels like, it will be much easier and straight-forward to teach these excercises to less-experienced horses. My biggest breakthrough was the improvement of my seat. Within just a few sessions of riding, body awareness excercises and discussing the theory of the academic seat, I could not only feel a big difference when sitting on a horse, but photos taken before and after show a big difference as well. It was fantastic to feel how easy it can be to lead a horse just with your seat and breathing. Lucie is not only a very nice person to spend time with, but a very knowledgeable horsewoman who has a good feeling for teaching different people just the way they need to be taught. I can highly recommend training with Lucie and her school horses.