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Concepts implemented live

As both a spectator and ST Mastery student, I found it very helpful to again see some of the ST concepts implemented live, along with the other approaches Lucie so nicely integrated with ST.  I definitely think a three day clinic would be awesome, and with a little shorter day.

Pam Vickars

Rider position in the saddle was excellent

In body awareness, while I know I have a tight right hip and the exercises to release this were a big help and then carrying the open hip joint into a rider position in the saddle was excellent. I have been riding with relaxed thighs ever since.
Watching other handlers with their horses was… Read more “Rider position in the saddle was excellent”

Lois Shaw


The bodywork, I love it! You are amazing!


Breathing and body language

How much the horse is influenced with my breathing and body language. Nice to see so many different horses and levels so I can see what my next goal is ;-).

Helle Hoegh

Water flowing

I really like your inner pictures, like water flowing through your arms.

Anne Marie Langrad

I like the gently way

I learned to ‘massage’ my horses body with movement. I learned that if your horse is being ‘hard’ you must do your signals more soft. I learned to look for the signs my horse gives me, for instant the blink of the eye. I learned to ask the horse and listen to its needs as… Read more “I like the gently way”

Nadia Fischer

You are an inspiration

Thank you for the wonderful clinic this past weekend. You were so helpful to all your horses and riders, and it was beautiful to feel how much you cared for each horse and each person you encountered. You are an inspiration. You have dedicated yourself to learning and sharing.

Lee Nuffield

2 inspiring days

Thank you !!! for 2 inspiring days with horse training. You are a good instructor and have a filiosofi I love. You can read horses and human. I will continue working and keep less is more in mind and driving my car with a independent seat. I hope to join a event in Holland some… Read more “2 inspiring days”

Kjersti Soberg

Two wonderful girls

I was lucky enough to have 5 days with two wonderful girls, Alja Kisilaka from Slovenia and Lucie Klaassen, first at the Centered Riding Symposium, and afterwards two days a Lucie’s place in Otterlo. Lots of great exchange of ideas, learning points, experiences, and many long talks about all those hard-to-answer questions all horse people… Read more “Two wonderful girls”

Nikka Feldskou

Harmonious work with horses

I was lucky to be able to spend five days of training with Lucie Klaassen. It has given me a lot of insights into harmonious work with horses. We were able to work with her horses in groundwork, longeing, work in hand, liberty and riding, with the special bonus of also receiving wonderful body awareness… Read more “Harmonious work with horses”

Dora Laxmi

Adorable horses Beer and Seni

I spent five days with Lucie and her adorable horses Beer and Seni and I enjoyed every minute of it. First of all it was amazing to feel more advanced excercises like renvers, travers and pirouette in hand for the first time. Now that I know what it feels like, it will be much easier… Read more “Adorable horses Beer and Seni”

Iris Starnberger