My daily routing with Beer and Seni, their unconditional loving energy, the way they live totally in the present moment and the deep connection I experience with them are often a mirror for me. When I want too much of them or if I am not grounded and relaxed, training can sometimes be a struggle. But if I am 100% present and feel a true connection then anything is possible! It's not so much the DOING, but more the BEING together that counts.... Christa Balk captured the essence of our togetherness.

Geplaatst door Lucie Klaassen op vrijdag 13 november 2015
Parking with horses

So Beer got a little over excited and kept doing his trick over and over again, hoping that Lucie would get on his back instead of Seni's hahaha :') Would people like to see a tutorial about this trick? 🙂

Geplaatst door Jill Bakker Videography op donderdag 3 december 2015
2016 April clinic Stavanger

Looking back at a wonderful weekend in Stavanger giving a 2-day Balanced Rider & Horse clinic, a combination of straightness training, centerend riding and body awareness. Such enthusiastic and open minded participants, willing to try everything I suggested ;-)! Thank you so much Tone Midtbø Thomas for organizing this event and making sure that everything was running so smoothly and Johan Åkerstedt for your help and these beautiful pictures! And of course a big thank you to all participants for coming to the clinic! Kjersti Søberg Ine-Cathrin R.Randeberg Sabina K. Egeli Anne Mette Leivestad Zuzanna Barbara Kosek Nina Elizabeth Grundetjern

Geplaatst door Lucie Klaassen op zondag 1 mei 2016