Price for attending a clinic

The cost for a clinic depends on the number of participants (6-8 participant with horse), the cost for the location and the travel cost to your country. As a guideline participants with pay between € 300 - € 350 for a 2- day clinic.

This includes theory lectures, some Body Awareness exercises and 3 lessons (private and/or duo lessons). Depending on the facilities, the amount is including stable for your horse and/or lunch.

Spectators are also very welcome, they pay around € 40 - € 50 per day (eg € 50 for 1 day, € 75 for 2 days), again depending on the cost for the facility and travel expenses. Spectators can not only watch the lessons with the horses, but they will also participate in the theory lecture and the Body Awareness for riders exercises.

It is also possible to add a half day or full day Body Awareness for riders workshop, price will be around € 60/70 for half day and € 90/125 for full day, depending on number of participants.

So for both riders and spectators fun and educational!