Lucie Klaassen

Lucie Klaassen

Luci met Seni

I have been fascinated by horses all my life. As a child I felt strongly connected and safe being around these beautiful and sensitive animals. Lucie Klaassen

A horse can only learn if he is relaxed, both physically and mentally, so the basis of any training is that the horse trusts and understands you. That means that you have to be relaxed as well and that you are aware of your own breathing and posture and the body signals that you send. Balanced Rider ànd Horse!

Everything in life is based on balance, the balance between giving and receiving, between leading and following, between respect and trust. The horse must be horizontally and vertically balanced to be able to carry a rider and the rider must be balanced while riding in order to be able to follow and guide the movement of the horse.

I have worked in the financial world for 25 years and only after a burnout I realized that I myself what no longer balanced. Thanks to my horses I found inner peace and harmony again. Horses teach you to be fully present. If your attention is not 100% with the horse in this moment you will loose the connection. From this experience I decided to follow my heart and work full time with horses.

I do not follow one method or trainer, I love to learn from different teachers and I try to stay open to everything and then find my own way. Now I have a huge 'toolbox' that I can use. I think there is not ONE method that fits every horse and rider. Every horse is unique so I do a lot by intuition and feel.  The horse will tell me what he needs...

My toolbox:
- Groundwork/longe test and Squire test - Bent Branderup
- Straightness Training Instructor - Marijke de Jong
- Centered Riding instructor - Karen Irland/Judy Cross
- Freestyle Instructor - Emiel Voest
- EAD coach (Equine Assisted Development) - Larissa Gies
- Masterson Method Certified Practitioner - Diane Howard/Jim Masterson
- NLP practitioner - school for psychology
- Holistic massage therapist (for human) - school for massage and movement

To connect with your horse you need to connect with yourself first, so breathing, awareness and body work are an integrated part of my life and my lessons so I can offer an holistic approach. I give international Body Awareness workshops and Balanced Rider & Horse clinics and have had the pleasure of teaching in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK. I would love to come to your country as well!

I would love to guide you and your horse to physical and mental balance!