Lucie Klaassen



JULI 27: OPEN DAY – Hof van Lier & Lucie Klaassen 

This day is free of charge! Register here

7-11: Attending Summer Academy Bent Branderup – Denmark
17:   Body Awareness for Riders by Lucie Klaassen
18:   Body Awareness and release for Horses by Lucie Klaassen
30:   Creative horse sculpture workshop by Elena Cutting (from Hungary)
31/Sept 1: Masterson Method workshop by Lucie Klaassen (only 1 spot left)
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5-9: Attending seminar met Bruce Lipton/Greg Bradden – Rome, Italy
10: Evening seminar “Crash course in Confidence” by Equestrian Mindset coach Tanja Mitton (from Australia)
11: Lesson day ‘rider position and mindset’ by Tanja Mitton
14-15: Connected grondwerk and heart centered liberty clinic by Lucie Klaassen
21: Clinic ‘the Academic Seat’ by Kenneth Vansweevelt
23-27: Mid week retreat! Incl B&B and horses. More info later.

5-6: Hoof workshop by Heleen Davies
15-17: Attending Mark Rashid/Jim Masterson clinic – UK
25: Body Awareness for Riders – Miesenbach, Austria

Contact Sandra Bittmann:
26-27: Masterson Method workshop – Miesenbach, Austria (FULL)

9: Lesson day by Lucie Klaassen
11-15: Annual detox midweek – Zeeland (NL)
24: Anatomy and biomechanics by Zefanja Vermeulen, Equine Studies
30/Dec 1: Weekend clinic by Lucie Klaassen, more info later

7-8:  Fascia workshop by Monica Goold (from Frankrijk)

I give clinics and workshops in Belgium and internationally. If you want to organize a clinic in your country please send me a message. Get inspired how you can train your horse from mutual trust and true connection. After a clinic you go home with a lot of practical tips and exercises!

Would you like more information to host a clinic at your location?